Which is Best- Foam vs Spring Mattress 

I am letting you in on a fact that not many people are aware of. The main reason that the spring or foam mattresses are still manufactured is due to their cost. We place side by side foam vs spring mattress and examine what you have to look out for when deciding on which one to buy. They are affordable to make and also to buy from  Amazon. The technology used inside a spring mattress has not changed much in many years, say the last ten years. The level of support would be the same for the mattress bought 10 years ago to the one that you might buy next week.

Actually I am not trying to convey you which is good and which is not. My idea is to make sure you understand both sides of it, and I hope this writing will help you in deciding the right choice between the spring mattress and foam mattress, just like I did on this page that examines mattresses on Amazon.

First off, let us know some of the pros and cons, and then take at a look  both types.



Initially, I mentioned that spring mattress is very cheap, than a foam mattress. The main Reason behind it is the pretty basic technology used to construct them.
The spring mattress can be used instantly after buying without any wait because they “spring” to their original height, right away.
Spring mattress are well airy. So you dont have to worry about being hot at night when you sleep on it at night.
“Outgas” odor that’s typically substitutable with foam mattresses due to the materials used is ruled-out in spring mattress. If you don’t just like the thought of that, then a spring mattress could be the solution.

Spring Mattress Disadvantages

In spring mattress, the coils inside will push the weight back at the same force at which it is received, and hence, it doesn’t help if you are suffering from various body pains and aches.

In spring mattress, body weight will not be divided evenly and hence, it is not possible for it to support various pressure points of the body. This can cause spine or joint issues.

It is challenging to seek out a mattress of this sort, with something over a ten-year pledge because of the materials used and in several cases, they’ll begin to sag within a year or 2 , this is attributable to the way they are designed.

The procedure to Steam Clean a Mattress

A lot of flooded reviews about the mattresses in the market give good notes about their products. We see a lot of good promises, guarantees and warranties about them. However, very few instructions about the long term care surprise us. Now, for the long term durability of the mattress, we need to clean it regularly and adequately.

Cleaning mattresses is important for various reasons. It might be for removing the stains, which is the common reason for us to clean, but it actually helps us to be healthy and safe by removing germs, bed bugs, dust mites, allergens, etc.

Though various methods of cleaning exist, the most efficient and easiest method is Steam clean. This method is superior because it involves deep cleaning of the mattress and it is one of the eco-friendly methods of cleaning. This method uses a steam cleaner, which is easily available in the market and it is not costly as such. The steam cleaner can help you not only in cleaning the mattress, but also cleaning other dusted environments at home.

Though cleaning is very helpful and keep you safe and healthy, keep the mattresses clean without stains, you have to remember to check the user manual before you start the process of cleaning. As the outer and inner material of each mattress is different, ensure that you scroll through the manual before you begin the cleaning process.

Next is dying and drying time. Some steam cleaners come with the drying equipment within it, but these are little costly affair than the ones without drying material, so consider 2 to 6 hours of drying time before you start the process.

learn how to take care of your mattress effectively before you steam clean. The dust and debris inside it should be removed for effective cleaning.


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