Shocking Truth About The Koala Mattress

Key Points Explained

What makes the Koala Mattress so popular in Australia? What pros and cons it has to offer to the users? Is it actually that good as much as we hear about it? A Koala mattress review will help you understand the reasons behind the fame and popularity of this favorite mattress brand.

The koala mattress is undoubtedly the leading mattress brand in Australia. It is a mattress that promises to give you a sound sleep as it provides you with a perfect blend of comfort and peace that helps you unlock deeper sleep and feel fresh every morning when you wake up. The unique quality of the Koala mattress that makes it different from the rest is that there are two layers of Polyurethane foam in it and the mattress comes in a box. When you look at the Koala Mattress, you find that the top layer of the mattress is ventilated so that you can feel nice and fresh, provides you with breathability and stops it from heating up. On the other hand the lower layer is firm and provides support to the body so you do not get a sinking feeling, rather you feel fresh and active when you wake up in the morning without complaining from back issues.

Koala mattress review can tell you all you need to know about it

Are you having a constant backache? Can you not sleep well in the night? Does your body aches all over when you wake up each morning? If so, you need to consult a physician who is definitely going to suggest you to get rid of that old mattress of yours and say hello to some modern and comfortable sleep providing mattress.

If you have been looking forward to purchase the best mattress in Australia lately, then you must go through the koala mattress review to know what this amazing mattress is all about and how you can use it to get rid of all your issues regarding a sound sleep.

What is the open cell structure?

The Koala mattress is the mattress that is designed solely to provide you comfort and breathability so that you feel fresh with every nap you take on it. It is a mattress that has been engineered keeping in mind the Kloudcell so you need not to worry about an uncomfortable sleep anymore. The open cell structure of the mattress makes sure that you get a sound sleep and get maximum breathability with the help of this mattress.

This open cell structures foam is tailored in such a way that it provides cool and comfortable sleep to all the people whether they are side sleepers or the others. The structure gives you the lush feel of memory foam and latex and provides you breathability and bounce too, so that you no more feel like sagging or sinking deep down the mattress. This helps support your spinal cord as well which results in a painless back for all those who use this mattress.

The two layers technology

The most popular mattress from Koala is the queen sized koala mattress that is sold at high ratio. The fabrication of the mattress is done based on a unique technology for this unique foam that makes use of the two layers technique. The mattress is tailored in such a way that the top layer is meant to provide cool and comfort to the sleeper while the bottom layer is meant to work as a supportive layer so that at the same time your body can enjoy the perks of a comfortable mattress while your body does not sag deep down the mattress, rather there is a firm support to it that makes you feel fresh.

How does it give you all the support?

The koala mattress is a very comfortable mattress that has been designed keeping in mind only the comfort and ease of the user. The technology that is tailored in this mattress is totally different from the foam mattress as it is designed to create a perfect balance between sink and bounce, which is not an easy task at all. The Koala mattress provides you a feel that helps support your body from three different dimensions so that a complete support is given from head to toe of the body.

Also the mattress is engineered with the zero disturbance technology so that you do not wake up with every movement of your partner or with their restlessness, something that most of the other mattresses fail to give.

The koala mattress is a mattress in a box and it fits perfectly into the bed frame and the bed base so you do not get a very saggy mattress when you sit or lie down upon it, rather the perfect fix gives you a perfect place to sleep and wake up all fresh. The hardness of the mattress is kept ideal so that it is not too soft for the user nor too hard, rather it is all the way between and is at an ideal point. The hardness of the mattress is kept at the point 6.1 so it does not exceed the ideal mattress hardness standard of Australia.

How the mattress does remains so breathable?

As described earlier the technology used in the fabrication of this mattress is the open cell structure technology that makes the mattress highly breathable for you. The mattress is tailored with the open cell structure that creates channels inside the foam. These channels are responsible for the airflow through the mattress that keeps it cool and make the heat escape from it as well. Also the mattress makes the minimum use of  glue so that the excess heat flows out from the body and keep you cool and comfortable all the time. When your body feels relaxed and cool, it gets into a deeper sleep and the chances for waking up out of suffocation or breathlessness become minimal, this is how this mattress helps ensure a sound, deep and long sleep.

What if you don’t like the mattress somehow? (Rarely happens)

If such a situation does occur where you do not like the mattress that you have purchased, we are not going to disappoint you with that as well. You are most welcome to make the return if you do not like it but we assure you that you are going to love this mattress once you have it. If you want to return it, you can utilize the trial period of 120 nights and return the mattress and get your money back just the way it says on the voucher you get along the mattress.

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