Zinus Mattress Instructions

Unboxing the Zinus is straight forward process, as you can see from the video above. The video below, provides detailed zinus mattress instructions to help you unbox yours the easy way. If you have an adjustable bed or a platform bed I strong recommend unboxing the mattress on your actual bed frame, because the mattress is silghtly difficult to move around once it is out of the vacummed packed box.

Usually 72 hours is the ideal wait period to allow the compressed mattress rise to its original height. Its equally fine to sleep on it , if you need to take a quik nap. Expect to percive a mild smell, called off-gassing. This shoulfd go away afeter a few day, the gas is not harmful, so there is nothing to worry about as regards any health implications.

Make sure to check out my full zinus mattress review for more information on this popular memory foam option on Amazon.

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